Reindeer farm visit

When visiting the reindeer farm, you will not only see the beautiful animals, but you will get an introduction to the herder's way of living. You will learn about the reindeer, their natural living circumstances and you can also feed the reindeer from your own hand.

We will have a taste of the strong Lappish coffee and delicious snacks in a cozy kota-hut, and you will hear stories about the Sámi family way of living.

Reindeer farm visit - Lapland, Finland

Reindeer farm visit - introduction to the Sámi family

Reindeer farming

Reindeer in the northern most parts of Scandinavia have been herded mostly by the Sámi people. Commonly named poro, puašu, is a deer-like peaceful, gregarious animal, which has been very important for hundreds of years for the Sámi people.

Wise Sámi people know many different ways to take advantage of reindeer skins, meat, bones, antlers, and all the parts of the useful animal to make the most beautiful handcrafts, but also thread, tools and cook the delicious meat.

Now we offer you the chance to meet and feed these beautiful animals at our Aurora Camp.

Price of the reindeer farm visit

Timetable: approximately 2-3 hours
Equipment provided: Overalls, gloves, hats & shoes
Price of the visit: Prices depend on the size of the group

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