Outdoor activities

Our experienced guides can take you outdoors to explore and enjoy the beautiful and unique nature in Lapland, Finland. Our guides will take you safe paths, whether you wish to go snowshoe walking, ice-fishing, skiing or hunting the northern lights with a motor scooter.

Aurora hunt - Inari, Lapland - Finland

Aurora hunting - Lapland, Finland

Aurora hunts in Lapland - Finland

Aurora hunt

Northern lights - Aurora Borealis - is a beautiful, sudden and quite rare thing on earth. We have stairs leading us top of a fell where there is a warm láávvu (teepee) and a sight-seeing place to use. When the evening comes and light-time ends, then we hope our luck is good enough to see this amazing natural phenomena.

Equipment provided: Overalls, gloves, hats & shoes
Price per person: Prices depend on the size of the group

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Outdoor activities: ice fishing • Lapland, Finland

Guided outdoor activities: ice fishing • Lapland, Finland

Outdoor activities in Aurora Camp Inari: ice fishing • Lapland, Finland

Aurora camp Inari - ice-fishing

Aurora camp Inari - ice-fishing at wintertime

Outdoor activities & ice-fishing at Aurora Camp, Inari • Finland

What is ice-fishing?

Ice-fishing is a fairly popular hobby all over in Finland and ice-fishing competitions attract a lot of people. It's not all about catching a fish - it is also about relaxation and quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Though, your hunting instinct will most likely sharpen your mind when the fishing rod tightens!

Don’t worry ! Our team will make very sure that ice is thick and safe. Our experienced guides will lead you to a safe spot on the lake, give you a proper introduction how to make a hole in the ice and how to use the fishing gear. At Aurora Camp you can choose one of 3 lakes where to go fishing. Traveling on ice can be tricky with only shoes, that’s why we recommend snowshoes or cross country skis’ to ease the hike. During our outdoor activities we will make a small fire to make coffee and we'll have a small snack, too.

Outdoor activities in Aurora camp Inari • Finland

Winter outdoor activities in Aurora camp Inari - Lapland, Finland

Winter outdoor activities - Lapland, Finland

Aurora Camp Inari - outdoor activities • snowshoe walking

Outdoor activities: guided snowshoe walking trips • Lapland, Finland

Outdoor activities & snacks in Aurora Camp Inari, Finland

Snowshoe walking

Snowshoes makes it easier to walk in a snowy forest or lake. The snowshoes will help you not to go too deep in the snow, and you'll be able to walk around easily and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful nature.

Modern snowshoes have straps that keep your boots securely fastened to the shoes. "The light-weight plastic decking" float on top of snow when you walk. The snowshoes prevent you from sinking in deep snow.

You can also use a pair of trekking or ski poles to help you walk in the snow trails. Snowshoeing on fresh snow is fun but requires more energy - we'll take you to easy trails and tracks! Snowshoe-walking is fairly easy, but you need to raise your legs a little higher when you walk. It feels a little like walking on the sand at the beach.

Guided outdoor activities: skiing • Lapland, Finland

Guided outdoor activities: cross-country skiing • Lapland, Finland

Aurora Camp Inari & outdoor activities • Lapland, Finland

Cross-country skiing

Traditional cross-country skiing in the forest is an experience to remember. Trees covered in snow, beautiful sky fulfilled with stars, frost tickling on your nose. And the skiis make it easier for you to move around, whether you wish to go ice-fishing or just explore the nature around the area. The skiis help you not to sink too deep in the snow. Cross-country skiing is fairly easy, with a little training you will be able to easily skii on the lake.

Proper gear for outdoor activities

You'll need to be properly dressed and equipped when going out on cold winter day: warm clothing (outdoor overalls or winter jacket & trousers), warm footwear, hat & mittens or gloves.

Guided outdoor activities

Timetable: approximately 2-3 hours / depending on the planned activity
Equipment provided: Overalls, gloves, hats & shoes, snowshoes, ice-fishing gear, skiis
Price for outdoor activities: Prices depend on the size of the group and planned activities

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Guided outdoor activities: skiing in Lapland, Finland

Guided outdoor activities: cross-country skiing in Inari - Lapland, Finland

Guided outdoor activities in Lapland, Finland