Husky safari

We offer husky safari experiences for both beginners as well as for families with children. The sledding adventure can be modified according to the timetable wishes of the participants. The husky safari gives you an outstanding possibility to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Lapland!

Husky safari - Aurora Camp Inari, Finland

Husky safaris - Aurora Camp Inari, Finland

Guided husky safaris - Aurora Camp Inari, Finland

Husky safari - Aurora Camp Inari, Lapland - Finland

Friendly husky dogs - Husky safaris in Lapland, Finland

Husky dogs - Husky safaris in Lapland, Finland

How to prepare for the husky safari

A dog-sled ride is suitable for everyone, but riders must be at least 15 years old. Bigger children may sit alone on the husky sled, but younger children must be seated on adult's lap.

The rider must be in reasonably good physical condition. The sled is usually pulled by a friendly four- or six- husky dog team, so the weight of the driver should be at least 50 kg, in order to be able to control and if necessary, to stop the sled.

A basic husky safari tour lasts for about 1 hour and driving distance is about 5-10 km. Each dog sled has a driver and 2 persons can sit in a sled.

Come & experience the Husky safaris in Lapland, Finland

Experience the Husky safaris in Lapland, Finland

Husky sleigh rides in Lapland, Finland

Each safari is guided in English and all the participants are given instructions and presentation about the husky dogs and the dog sled riding.

Remember to dress accordingly: warm layers of clothing, winter hats, gloves and overalls or winter jacket & trousers. Remember to wear proper winter boots as well, and warm wool socks underneath.

Price of the husky safari

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the husky safari.

Timetable: adjusted according to participants' wishes
Equipment provided: Overalls, gloves, hats & shoes
Price of the husky safari: Prices depend on the size of the group and planned safari

Ask a quote & make a reservation!


Husky safaris in winter - Lapland, Finland

Ride the Husky sleigh in Lapland, Finland!

Guided Husky safari rides in Lapland, Finland