Aurora hunt & accommodation

We have a great set-up of activities in our Aurora Camp: you can visit multiple exciting places with your Sámi guide to admire the pristine nature of Lapland and its animals. Whether you arrive as a group or by yourself, the choice is yours.

We will arrange transportation to the Aurora Camp from Inari or Ivalo for our guests. If you decide to spend a night or want to ski or snowshoe in one of the oldest forests in Fennoscandia, contact us and we will make it happen!

Aurora lights in Northern Finland

The idea of aurora hunting with us is to go away from lights to the lake or to forest. This way it is more interesting for you - to see the sky fulfilled with the northern lights without anything affecting the sky cinema. We will start the hunt from Inari center and you will be sitting in a sledge of a snowscooter, which is the most common way of transportation in the nature.

Aurora hunt - Inari, Lapland - Finland

Hunting aurora lights - Lapland, Finland

Hunting aurora borealis, the Northern Lights - Lapland, Finland

Aurora Camp - feel warm in cold Lapland

This winter we offer a whole new experience for our guests. We offer you this unique chance to spend a night the most traditional way without any artificial lights in a well-equipped warm and cozy tent in our Aurora Camp area.

Wintertime in Northern-Lapland is pure magic, due to the lack of light pollution or the fuzz of the streets in cities. The chance what nature provides here is all about peace. We offer you a night to remember: to sleep in the forest during wintertime is exquisite! Countless stars in the sky with a chance of Aurora, humming of wind and the most important - WARM tent !

Our Aurora camp is located between Ivalo and Inari at Lake Myössäjärvi, 16 kilometers South of Inari. The place is very well known from its famous and one of a kind tafoni cave called The Bear's Cave. Our Aurora camp is located at the bottom of the fell, where we also have a big log cabin, which is our customer service information desk for program providers together with a souvenir shop.

Customer service - Bookings: Inarintie 49, 99870 Inari 
Aurora camp: Inarintie 2288, 99870 Inari
Call us! +358 400 965 341

Our Aurora camp in located right next to the famous "tafoni" cave Karhunpesäkivi - the Bear's den Stone, which you can visit both at summer and winter-time.

Hunting aurora lights in Aurora Camp - Lapland, Finland

Eco camp - aurora hunt - Lapland, Finland

Guided aurora hunts - Lapland, Finland

Aurora camp Inari - feeding reindeers

Aurora Camp Inari - feeding reindeers by the camp

Aurora camp Inari - reindeers by the camp

The Night of the living Aurora - Inari ECO camping

The camping experience is not only to sleep. When the day starts, you will take you from Ivalo or Inari and transfer you by our minibus to the camp to meet the guides. Optionally if you have your own car you can of course drive there.

We will start the day with a cup of coffee or tea, or if you are hungry, taste some delicious reindeer soup before we start our adventure! While sitting around the fire inside a láávvu (teepee), our we will introduce you to the area and tell you all we know from its history, as well the life of the Sámi guide will tell you about the culture and life in the North.

After when we have given you all the instructions, the proper gear and told all about the becoming day, you can freely choose with your group activities you would like to do: meet the reindeer, plan a husky safari or go ice-fishing before the night arrives and reveals you the most exciting part: the Northern Lights!

This wonderful, mysterious and once in a lifetime experience is one of the most beautiful thing what our sky can give us. After the activities of the day, you can have the tent all to yourself, enjoy the nature and watch the sky for some auroras! 

The accommodation service package includes:
  • Transportation from Inari or Ivalo by minibus
  • Dinner by the kota-hut
  • Feeding the reindeers
  • Ice-fishing, snowshoeing and/or cross-country skiing
  • Staying overnight in a tent
  • Breakfast in the main building
  • Transportation back to Inari or Ivalo

Equipment provided: Overalls, gloves, hats & shoes
Size of the group: 2-4 persons / tent

Request a quote & make a reservation!

Eco camping - Lapland, Finland

Eco camping in Aurora Camp Inari - Finland

Eco tents in Aurora Camp Inari, Finland