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Come & experience the Northern lights

Are you planning a vacation in Northern Europe - to experience the aurora borealis - the Northern lights? Welcome to Lapland in Finland! Aurora Camp is a business of an Ánâraš-Sámi (Inari Sámi) family, who welcomes you to experience and enjoy your time in Inari, Lapland, through our activity program. All our activities, guided tours and services are provided in English.

The beauty of the aurora lights

Book yourself an aurora hunt ride or make the most of your visit: the best way to experience the Northern lights is to make a visit to our Aurora Camp. The center of all our programs is the Aurora Camp, located between Ivalo and Inari at Lake Myössäjärvi, 16km south of Inari. The place is known from its famous tafoni cave named The Bear's Cave.
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Visit the reindeer farm

Reindeer herding is a traditional Sámi way of making a living. The reindeer are beautiful, peaceful animals and during the visit you'll learn all about the animals, farming and the history of reindeer farming.
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Enjoy the nature - outdoor activities

You can experience the beauty of the nature by walking around the area. And the best way to do it, is to utilize the snowshoes, which makes it easier to walk on the icy lake or forests covered in snow. Take a walk to the lake and go ice-fishing! Or rent a pair of skiis and try cross-country skiing.
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Take a tour in a husky safari

Take a ride in the husky safari and you'll see the beauty of the winter wonderland in Lapland. The husky safari takes you to a ride around the area and you'll get to experience the beautiful nature traveling in a cosy, warm sleigh pulled by a group of friendly husky dogs.
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Customer Service

Our office is located in the center of the Inari village, where we can help you to book your aurora hunt with accommodation and plan other outdoor activities suitable for your interests.

Customer service - Bookings: Inarintie 49, 99870 Inari
Aurora camp: Inarintie 2288, 99870 Inari
Call us! +358 400 965 341

Aurora Camp Inari - aurora hunting in Finland

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Aurora Camp Inari - eco camping in Lapland, Finland
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Aurora Camp Inari - visit reindeer farms in Lapland, Finland
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Aurora Camp Inari - Lapland, Finland
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Aurora Camp Inari - husky safaris in Lapland, Finland
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Sámi people is a one of a kind indigenous people in Scandinavia. The area where they live consist of Norway, Sweden and Finland all the way through to Kola peninsula in Russia. There isn't only one Sámi language but many different Sámi languages. The Sámi way to live consist mostly by herding reindeer, fishing, hunting and duodji (handcrafts) The Sámi people makes truly beautiful clothing, wooden work and also jewelry, which is taught today in many different schools through these states. The language has started to revive and the culture is going through big changes.

Aurora camp Inari - the Sami family in Lapland, Finland

Aurora camp Inari - reindeer farm visits in Lapland - Finland

Aurora camp in Inari, Finland - feeding reindeers

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